Hello hunters! hope you are safe and doing well in this pandemic situation.

This write up is all about a bug i recently found in an bounty program lets call it as redacted.com- because the program does not allow public disclosure.

let’s dive in!

i started testing the redacted.com for…

Hello my fellow hunters!..hope you all are doing well, this is another write-up about the bugs i found recently with one endpoint.

To those who don’t know me i’m a 70% bug bounty hunter and 30% security researcher and my name is Shesha Sai C.

I would like to share…

Hello my fellow hunters, back with one more write-up which i chained two bugs

The bug is simple,now as usual this is a private site so redacted.com

Lets get started,

Bug1: thu bug is reuse of confirmation link as many times as possible so that an attacker can use it…

hello my fellow hunters! im here to share(Sharing is caring) a new bug i found in a program let’s call it as redacted.com

before that i think i havent introduced myself im a security researcher and bugbounty hunter,penetration tester (noob ;) )

Long story short…. i was looking for vulnerabilities…

Hello hunters! im back with another story of mine.. which is a really simple and short story of privilige escalation bug i found

let’s get started with no more discussions

okay this is a private program so lets call it as redacted.com

when i first got this invite to test…

hello hunters back with another bug

today im going to share a bug which i found in a private website let’s say redacted.com where i dont want to face any issues in the future let’s begin

i was able to change email and password and all the personal details of…

Hello fellow hunters, today im going to share an simple bug which i made a bounty of 500$

this is a private website so lets say this as redacted.com and the method is called carding, with no delay lets begin

so this vulnerability was first reported on march 1 2019…

shesha sai_c

Ignore me, i will make you regret

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